I began noticing that the typical cognitive skills were not quite enough for how clients were showing up to sessions. This became incredibly frustrating, so I began to seek other modalities that addressed body stress. This led me to Trauma Release Exercises (TRE), and an interesting thing happened. I began to use it more for myself as a way to counteract the parallel processing that was happening during COVID - because therapists are not exempt from the stress and trauma that the shut down brought about (and the church said...AMEN). 

Before long, it dawned on me that I needed additional training in physiology to address how the body responds to stress and overwhelm. It was a huge gap considering that trauma resides in the body. That is when I found MELT METHOD and began my personal journey with fascia - not to mention keeping my sciatica at bay. It was so liberating to have some fresh skills that gave me agency over how the pandemic was showing up in my body. 

Of course, I began bragging to my therapists "frans" and started to notice a pattern. They were also struggling to find ways to manage this new and crazy "pandemonium". We were all tapping out on workable skills. But, it made sense, we had never been through this before. So, being the manifesting generator that I am (Hello Human Design!), I began to craft offerings based on building modern skills for those of us who were working tirelessly in this pandemic - psychotherapists. 

The pandemic taught me a ton! Shew! As a professional it pushed my boundaries of how to show up as a therapist.

wondering how i got here??

Athletes strain muscles
Construction workers have back issues
Teachers have bladder problems
Administrative supports get carpal tunnel
And…therapists (along with many other professions) well, we burnout

Just about every profession has them:

I like to call these stressors occupational hazards. Just about every occupation has them – these are the small (and great) consequences that come from the daily stress of doing your job.

Being a therapist is one of my life’s purpose. I love it, I do it well, and I have not been exempt from the stressors that come with my career. 

the backstory

I am here to normalize that
burnout happens

We are called to do it.
We enjoy doing it.
And, it has its natural consequences.

Don't let not having an updated self-care plan burn you up and squeeze
you out of doing what you love! You started this career because you loved it! 
You can still CHANGE lives and LIVE yours! 

Let’s do it together!

It is natural that we experience this. I mean, we are doing some pretty miraculous stuff!!!!

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