Metaspace Partners with school districts and social impact foundations for workplace well-being & mental wellness.

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Retention is the new recruitment

It’s time to think outside of the box for workplace well-being. Dynamic work cultures that retain your best talent require a plan for employee well-being that incorporates mental wellness and body-based skills to discharge employee stress.

Metaspace Wellness uses mental health expertise and the latest research on

nervous system regulation to educate, elevate, and energize

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As a psychotherapist, the success of my private practice has been built upon relationships; and this is one of the foundations of Metaspace Wellness. Below are some ways that we can build relationships so you can meet and exceed your objectives.

Wellness Executive coaching

Solution: reduce burnout of leaders, retain educators, maintain/increase school cohesiveness.  

Deliverable: personalized wellness coaching designed to empower, reduce burnout, increase performance and communication.

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wellness assessment & consulting

Solution: Identify wellness needs, overall burnout rates, & early indicators for turnover.

Deliverable: comprehensive assessments to identify needs; consulting services to recommend and guide wellness objectives.

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leadership retreats & professional development

Solution: increased performance of leadership, reduced burnout and turnover of leaders & educators.

Deliverable: Immersive half-day leadership development focusing on somatic practices and long-term well-being for retention.

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you have a problem. we have a wellness solution!

Your mental health centered solution for your burnout & turnover problem

burnout & Stress clinics

Solution: Reduce burnout & turnover, increased performance & retention, increase attendance.

Deliverable: multiple day interactive clinic to discharge stress from body, professional development on stress, somatic tools included.

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content licensing

Solution: reduction of day-to-day stress and employee truancy due to debilitating stress & burnout.

Deliverable: access to ready-to-use digital wellness resources to support & sustain leaders, educators, staff.

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Workshops & seminars

Solution: increase stress management skills for novice leaders, educators and staff.

Deliverable:  Workshop providing actionable wellness insight & techniques for improving wellness and stress management.

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Licensed Mental Health Professionals are uniquely trained to design & deliver workplace well-being.

Partner with Metaspace Wellness to surpass your workplace well-being and wellness goals.

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Journey from Psychotherapist to Wellness Brand…

As a psychotherapist, the Pandemic taught me a ton! It pushed my boundaries of how to show up as a therapist and still do what I love. As my clients were experiencing stress, overwhelm, and burnout, I began to notice that I was right behind them - experiencing burnout and secondary trauma as we were all trying to process the changes that COVID brought our way.

The typical cognitive behavioral skills were no longer effective because we were all experiencing the trauma of the pandemic in our bodies. Using cognitive skills to problem solve our way through the stress and burnout was not effective...and also invalidating to my clients: they needed to get the stress out of their bodies!  I sought out modalities that addressed body stress, such as Trauma Release Exercises and connective tissue and polyvagal techniques.

As I began incorporating these techniques into traditional therapy sessions, the results were immediate and astounding!  The feedback received from clients was truly life changing for them. 

The goal of Metaspace Wellness is to take this expertise and share body-based well-being to create healthy work cultures by reducing burnout in education and beyond.  

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    The quickest way to a regulated student is a regulated teacher. The quickest way to a regulated teacher, is a regulated principal.

    Alexis Overstreet, Well-being Strategist ,

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Testimony from workshop

Workshop titled: "Turn It Off"

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