specifically for therapists to help Re°Set the autonomic nervous system.

a 45-minute, skills-focused, one-time online experience


No obligation of a day-long training, mandatory CEU, or webinar, to learn yet another skillset. It is an in-and-out approach that uses sequences of exercises that are known to calm the nervous system and allow space for self-regulation. Best of all, it is offered in the evening after most therapists schedules have ended for the day -- and as you can begin to prepare to wind down.

Chances are you've had your fair share of webinars, CEU's, trainings, and virtual conferences throughout this entire pandemic. The thing with therapists, is, we know exactly what to do, but sometimes we get so wrapped up in our schedules, private practices, and trying to will alignment in our lives; that we are simply too tired to do the actual skills. This collective and existential trauma has worn many of us out! Let us begin to collectively heal.


The therapist who knows about burnout, has attended ALL the trainings and classes and has the certificates...but just needs a group in solidarity for that extra push to do the skills -- with a smidgeon of accountability. If you are anything like me, adding something to my calendar helps to hold me accountable. Also, if you are curious about how to self-regulate throughout your day to reduce burnout and fatigue, this space is for you.

Re°Set is offered multiple times
throughout the year.


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Are you a practice owner noticing increased burnout and concerned about decreasing morale in your practice?

Are your team members still feeling stumped after supervision because they have a hard time remaining regulated? 

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reºset for group practices is a great way to support your team. Offering in-person or online.

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